Our Story:

Absolute XK's

Absolute XK’s was founded in 2016 during a restoration project resulting from a promise to a life-long friend to return an XK120 Roadster to its former glory.  Bill began his passion for car restoration at the young age of thirteen.   He acquired hands on training from the owner of Horseless Carriage Restoration, Bret Elters.  Despite their age difference a genuine friendship developed through their common bond of car restoration.  Many lessons were taught over the years and much knowledge was gained but more importantly cherished memories were created.

In 1995 Bret acquired an XK120 OTS that lived its life in the racing circuit and retired after a collision.  Arriving on a flatbed, it was in rough condition but the potential of this XK was clear.  Although, at the time, Bill had no idea what the significance of a Jaguar XK120 was compared to any other car the challenge of the restoration was appealing to him.  Despite his attempts to take ownership of the car for the purpose of restoration Bret opted to keep possession for the purpose of a retirement project.  The car was parked outdoors and left to weather the elements of upstate New York. 

Due to an unforeseen medical condition Bret realized his goal of restoring the XK120 would no longer be within his physical capacity.  He graciously gifted the car to Bill knowing that his trusted friend and student would be the only person to help him achieve his dream to return the XK120 to its former glory.  After acquiring the car in May 2015 Bill quickly recognized the difficulty in acquiring quality reproduction parts at an affordable price and from one location.  After months of research Bill was able to connect with dependable manufacturers and develop a trusted and reliable business relationship. Understanding that his struggles were likely mutual with other XK enthusiasts Absolute XK’s was founded to offer affordable, quality reproduction parts from a single source company.​